Decor 2 Ur Door is the industry's originator in full scale custom bedding - from dorm to home and everything in between - apartment, baby, coastal. We’re a one-stop-shop for custom dorm bedding and accessories designed just for you. We have also expanded to offer our exclusive designs and collections in all sizes via our Home + Apartment, Teen, and Baby lines. Each bedding collection is custom curated to your specifications. One of our favorite aspects of D2D is that our items are custom created locally in the U-S-of-A! We design our products with the hottest trends in mind and make it easy for you to have your dream room straight to your doorstep. Over the past twelve years we have been the industries go-to in custom bedding and decor. Small or large, we can’t wait to design your space.

It was all a dream.

Isn’t it funny that all great things start from one “crazy” idea. When older daughter Amanda went off to college, designer extraordinaire and mom Robin created a jaw dropping dorm. Let’s just say it was the "hit of the hall." Robin wanted to leave Amanda with a sense of home (having always had bomb-diggity rooms growing up as an interior designer's daughter). She took the challenge of transforming the cinder-block walls into an inviting room that sent raving reviews all across campus. That is where Decor 2 Ur Door began. Now, both daughters (Amanda and Megan) have graduated college, have homes and families of their own, and have joined the Décor 2 Ur Door team.

We have utilized our 30+years of residential interior design experience, coupled with 30+years of volunteer/fundraiser experience (thrifty with scarce budgets)…to develop a product line for custom bedding that is creative, trendy and all-inclusive.

"Everyone wonders if I ever sleep. They call me the energizer bunny. Always a new idea and far-fetched plan. When you love what you do and are passionate, it’s not a job— it’s a lifestyle". Robin is the southern bell, 500 words a minute, and eccentric type of woman that everyone adores."With two daughters, shopping is a favorite pastime for us. As a close knit family, we visit Market together to determine the hottest products through "young" eyes. Such special times have been made and memories that will last forever".

Robin is leaving a legacy with Decor 2 Ur Door that her daughters are carrying on. Megan is D2D President and Senior Design/Creative Manager. She is the master behind what's trending and what's not. We like to think of her as the backbone to our biz. Amanda is the Senior Shipping Manager + Marketing Director. Someone has to have the brains, right? Amanda handles the warehouse and shipping and keeps our Pinterest fresh and up to date.

First Name Basis.

Decor 2 Ur Door
Megan . Amanda . Robin


D2D HQ is based in sunny South Florida. Here, we do all the design dreaming, mega marketing + social, boxing, and shippin' em on out. Basically, this is D2D. Hours upon hours go into each bedding collection, each promo, and each social media post. We are a full in-house business. From graphic design and marketing to interior design - it’s all done here at the D2D Studio. Our highly talented seamstress create each item to be sent - just for you. It’s a whole production and we love every bit of it.

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