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D2D Trendsetter

Become a D2D Trendsetter

Those accepted into the program will become D2D Campus Trendsetters. Your role is to help your (not quite as) trendy friends turn their dorms from drab to fab!

Are you the modern day Elle Woods….bubbly, fashion forward, and the life of the party? If so, then we want you to join our D2D Trendsetter Program. Help your friends turn their dorms from drab to fab by promoting Décor 2 Ur Door on your college campus. Because friends don't let friends have dreary dorms.

The Pre-Req's:

  • Must be high school or college student
  • Be a social media superstar
  • Have a passion for all things design, fashion, and obvi trendy
  • Love D2D and be excited about spreading the love

The Deets:

  • Promote D2D swag on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Be a trendsetter! (Duh... that seems obvious) 
  • Promote Décor 2 Ur Door within the Panhellenic community. Go Greek!!

The Bennies:

  • Earn unlimited D2D cash
  • Freebies and product discounts
  • Join the D2D family
  • Build Your Resume

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