Design Your Own Extended Length 34" Dorm Bed Skirt

Design Your Own Extended Length 34" Drop Dorm Bed Skirt

  • $120.00

Complete your beautiful dorm bedding with 34" drop dorm bed skirts. Extended length dorm bed skirts are the perfect way to hide your not-so-trendy storage bins and create extra closet room for your fashionista wardrobe! Dorm bed skirts cover 2 sides of the bed (one long side and foot of bed) and come as two separate pieces. The long panel will feature a slit in the center for easy under-bed access. Dorm bed skirts are sewn onto a fabric decking that can be tucked underneath your dorm bed. It’s that simple.

Dorm Bed Skirt Style: Lightly Gathered

Design Your Own Extended Length Dorm Bed Skirt

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